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In the course of seeking to manufacture saltcellars locally for Cayman Sea Salt we discovered Cayman Logwood, a renewable local wood supply. Logwood was once a prime export for dye from the Cayman Islands several centuries ago. This beautiful and hardy wood has no piece alike in shape or size which did not suit the purpose for saltcellars.

The unique color and shape of logwood presented itself beautifully as a hand crafted art piece. A small initial harvest from which samples were made into collectible and decorative art was well received. A line of bowls was produced, all hand crafted from fallen Cayman Logwood trees with further products in the works.

Every Cayman Logwood tree is unique and no two pieces are alike. All genuine Cayman Logwood products are given a specific number along with our trademark logo on each piece.

Enjoy and thanks for supporting local business!


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