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Local business turns invasive tree into craft line

Posted on Wed, 07/31/2013 - 08:14 in Local Business

(CNS Business): The women behind Cayman Seasalt, one of the islands’ most successful natural and sustainable home grown products, have launched a new business line, which is turning a locally invasive tree into high end decorative art pieces. Cayman Logwood Products is producing a locally crafted line of home décor collectable pieces, such as trays and bowls, from a wood common across the Cayman Islands. The owners of the firm explained that they discovered the beauty in the logwood tree when they were developing potential salt containers for Cayman Sea Salt, which was once a prime export for dye from the Cayman Islands.

Monique Polack said the highly varied and aesthetically engaging sustainable wood pieces take advantage of the naturally different shapes and sizes of the trees and its eco-friendly design.

The wood is hand selected, gathered, dried, and turned with the help of local crafts men. “The unique colour and shape of logwood presented itself wonderfully as a hand crafted art piece,” said Polack. “A small initial harvest from which samples were made into a line of bowls was produced; all hand crafted from fallen Cayman Logwood trees. All genuine Cayman Logwood products are given a specific number along with the signature trademark logo on each piece.”

The organic appeal of the natural wood used for these collectibles are beyond the ordinary and offers a "one of a kind from the Cayman Islands”, Vanessa Polack added.

The Logwood Tree (Haematoxylum campechianum) is very common in Cayman and experts state that it forms almost entire monocultures over extensive areas of land. By using the wood from various parts of the island where landowners are bulldozing or burning the logwood, the business is turning the invasive and prolific tree into genuine local artefacts.

Cayman Logwood Products is also registered with the Caribbean Conservation Network.